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What could the Indians get for Francisco Lindor?

Francisco Lindor remains below group regulate right up until the conclude of the 2021 year, but if the Cleveland Indians are not in a position to negotiate an extension with the superstar just before that time it would be smart to trade him just before the deadline fairly than allow him stroll in free of charge company.

2021 is a long, long way away, but is it at any time much too early to speculate on hypothetical situations that might hardly ever arrive to pass?

What are you even accomplishing what is this don’t think the headline of this article it is definitely way much too early which is like three seasons from now get out now whilst you nevertheless can this does not even make any feeling I just —

You don’t have any idea what you’re speaking about, heading. It’s hardly ever much too early. With that in head, let’s examine some trade situations that, dependent on Lindor’s recent and long term worth, would web a honest return for the Tribe.

Indians trade Francisco Lindor to the Dodgers for Alex Verdugo, Gavin Lux, Dustin May possibly, Keibert Ruiz, and Guillermo Zuniga

A player like Lindor deserves a monster haul. This offer returns four players with numerous decades of group regulate and tremendous upside. Also, Guillermo Zuniga, about whom I know practically nothing apart from that he has a 75-quality name.

It’s also worthy of noting that the Dodgers are in all probability heading to signal Bryce Harper to a two or three year offer for the reason that there is no God, and by the time Lindor is obtainable they can just consider the income they were being offering to Bryce and hand it to Frankie. Considering that Harper will have two World Series trophies in his pocket at that place (NO GOD) he in all probability will not head.

Verdugo is a have to have for the reason that in this situation every single solitary Indians outfielder suffers a occupation-ending injury that sounds like it came from Out of the Park Baseball. Oscar Mercado suffers terrible burns following functioning inside a flaming orphanage to preserve a piano, for instance. Bradley Zimmer tears both of those ACLs following functioning into Mustard through a Scorching Dog Derby. Greg Allen develops a extreme nut allergy through an sick-encouraged endorsement with Blue Diamond. And so on.

Indians trade Francisco Lindor to the St. Louis Cardinals for Nolan Gorman, Elehuris Montero, an arch to be named later, and the Metropolis Museum

A thing some thing promising potential customers and monuments.

Now that we’ve bought that out of the way, let’s discuss about what a steal the Metropolis Museum would be for the Indians. When it in all probability will not do well by defensive operates saved, it does have a god damn airplane in its playground and a bus hanging off of the roof.

Just visualize this bad boy in suitable field in its place of the delivery containers. All of the unexpected the warehouse outside the house of Camden Yards appears to be like like a joke. A JOKE, YOU Listen to? This is also a direct quotation from the wikipedia webpage: “A giant rope swing is contained in a free of charge-standing aluminum dome underneath the roof’s centerpiece, a giant metal praying mantis.”

The only other creating-related trade I would take into consideration is doing the job some thing out with the Twins to get the Dinkydome, which was when a theological seminary, then a food items court, and is now a bunch of loft residences. I assume which is more of a mid-amount offer, though. Lindor is at the very least worthy of all of Dinkytown, and I swear to god that is really the name of the community.

Indians trade Francisco Lindor to Gliese 832 c Tigers in trade for ⋔⟟☍⟒ ⏁⍀⍜⎍⏁, ⋔⟟☊☍⟒⊬ ⋔⏃⋏⏁⌰⟒, ⏃⋏⎅ ⍀⟟☊⊑⟟⟒ ⏃⌇⊑⏚⎍⍀⋏

There are not any policies in the CBA or Major League Baseball as a total that prohibit Major League teams from negotiating with extraterrestrial teams. When the league might frown upon the Indians sending one particular of its brightest young stars to an additional photo voltaic program, ⏃⋏⎅ ⍀⟟☊⊑⟟⟒ ⏃⌇⊑⏚⎍⍀⋏ is only 3,045 decades old and players on Gliese 832 c are inclined to peak at all-around age 3,325. ⋔⟟☍⟒ ⏁⍀⍜⎍⏁ might only have an additional 100 seasons remaining in its arms, but which is a full of 400 more seasons of elite command and a stellar K/BB ratio. ⋔⟟☊☍⟒⊬ ⋔⏃⋏⏁⌰⟒ is only included so that the offer will make monetary feeling, and would be straight away DFA’d.

A person important roadblock to this offer is that interstellar vacation within a reasonable amount of time will not be feasible by 2021 and Francisco Lindor would very likely be useless by the time he arrived at the Gliese 832 program. This might set off interstellar war, as baseball is viewed as to be the principal supply of enjoyment, religion, and sustenance to Gliesians.

Indians trade Francisco Lindor to Venezuela for runaway inflation

Just hear me out on this one particular.

If the Indians regulate to trade Lindor for ludicrous inflationary pressures, the effects on the relaxation of baseball’s overall economy will be large. The Indians can weaponize it and use it to infect every single other team’s paying out electric power. Charges will spiral out of regulate right up until Michael Martinez indications an $11,000,000,000,000,000 slight league offer. Who cares if Mike Trout finishes up currently being worthy of Avogadro’s Range of pounds for every year? Every group will in essence have the exact paying out electric power, which is to say, none at all. That’s HOW ECONOMICS Operates, Correct?

Get that, huge media markets. Not only do you lose out on Lindor, but now baseball is ruined and don’t you want you’d just agreed to a wage cap?

Indians trade Francisco Lindor to basically any Countrywide League group in trade for the Countrywide League adopting the DH

Value it.

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