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The Cleveland Indians and things that make me say ‘hmmmm’ – The Athletic

CLEVELAND — Last winter, Chris Antonetti and Mike Chernoff vocalized their mission to be the most boring people in baseball. They wanted to conceal all information about organizational blueprints and master plans and negotiations with players and opposing teams.

It helped their cause that the Indians stayed mostly quiet on the transaction front. There wasn’t much to divulge after all.

They prefer to limit what they reveal, though, a strategy employed by plenty of decision-makers in sports. For that reason — and given the timing of the conference — expectations for the annual exit interview with the Indians brass were set just a tad bit below “find out all of the secrets relating to their in-season shortcomings and offseason approach.”

It was a customary scene: Terry Francona sat in the middle, sub sandwich in hand. He was flanked on one side by Antonetti and on the other by Chernoff. Each front office member, as is always the case, had a water…

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