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Offseason plans leave us all guessing about 2019

The Voice of the Fan considers the Cleveland Indians offseason plans, and if there’s rhyme or reason as to what the Tribe will do in 2019.

What exactly are the Cleveland Indians trying to do to when it comes to replacing the free agents who will soon sign to play for other clubs?

It’s apparent they are in no way trying to re-sign anyone at the end of their contracts. Andrew Miller, Cody Allen and Michael Brantley are going.

The trade of Erik Gonzalez to the Pittsburgh Pirates has to get you thinking about what going on.

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Gonzalez was out of options and he really didn’t a place on the major league roster here, according to’s Terry Pluto.

The Indians traded him for Jordan Luplow an outfielder with mostly a minor league background, although he’s had a cup of coffee in the majors. Yes former Indian outfielder Al Luplow is his great uncle.

They also received Max Moroff an infielder who can play second and third, but will probably be a utility player if he even makes the roster.

Meanwhile, Luplow will probably be the next Brandon Guyer. He plays left and right field. But neither he or Moroff has made a name for themselves in the majors.

This plus the trade, along with the deal for Rays’ reliever Chih-Wei Hu reliever and the Indians basically saying everyone, except Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez, is on the trade block…it’s as if the front office is beginning to say were close to another rebuild.

Either that or the Dolans are going way into the cheap, again. The Tribe’s a contender for the playoffs, picked to win their decision, but the team can’t bring anyone on board unless for it’s for the league minimum!

It’s got to make you think as all the teams in their division are doing it. They haven’t had much luck in the playoffs since the close call against the Cubs in the World Series.

Are they trying to sell off their pitching staff for the future of the team and of course drop salary too?

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Makes you think as we know what was done by this ownership in the past?

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