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Indians RHP Mike Clevinger attacks MLB Network’s Robert Flores on Twitter

A nasty internet feud turned amicable in the end thanks to one phone call on Tuesday. The combatants: Cleveland Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger and MLB Network host Robert Flores. Though let’s just say one was a little more combative than the other.

It all started when Flores posted a now-deleted tweet with a video that Clevinger had a fairly obvious reason for disliking.

“Man…listen. The internet remains undefeated. #Postseason #astros”

Attached was a video of Clevinger discussing the Astros in May by saying “We’re right there with them. There’s not anything they have that we don’t have. They’re not that special.” Spliced in was video of the Astros’ dominant sweep of Clevinger’s team in the ALDS. All set to Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence.”

You can see the video here at The Crawfish Boxes, the Astros’ SB Nation site.

Mike Clevinger was quite mad online a day after Cleveland was eliminated. (AP Photo)

It took Clevinger a few hours to see the video, but he sure had a reaction when he did.

Mike Clevinger internet screams at MLB Network host

Clevinger went all out in his first tweet aimed at Flores, replying to the host’s video:

Screengrab of Mike Clevinger’s tweet.

It just got uglier from there, with Clevinger calling Flores “an unprofessional child,” “a teenage girl” and ” a cockroach,” while repeatedly tagging Flores’ employers at MLB Network and insinuating that Flores’ profession comes with the obligation to be neutral between teams.

Despite working for MLB Network, Flores has made little effort to hide his favoring of the Astros.

Screengrab of Mike Clevinger’s tweet.

Screengrab of Mike Clevinger’s tweet.

Screengrab of Mike Clevinger’s tweet.

Screengrab of Mike Clevinger’s tweet.

Screengrab of Mike Clevinger’s tweet.

Screengrab of Mike Clevinger’s tweet.

Flores’ fairly measured replies to some of these tweets can be seen here.

Peace is achieved

Eventually, the pair’s efforts to reach other were successful and they appeared to have a productive phone call that resulted in Clevinger deleting all of his tweets aimed at Flores and Flores deleting the initial video of Clevinger.

The two then announced their beef had been squashed.

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