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Go ahead, Elizabeth Warren, make Trump’s day! – Boston Herald

It’s official — the fake Indian has tossed her war bonnet into the ring. She wants to be the next Great White Father.

For many moons, we have known that this announcement about her “exploratory committee” was coming. But still, the timing does seem a bit inauspicious.

I mean, New Year’s Eve? Since buffalo roamed the plains, most braves and squaws spend-um New Year’s Eve stocking their teepees and wigwams with firewater and cold crab omelet, or sending out smoke signals looking for papoose-sitters for the festivities.

In other words, nobody’s paying attention to the news. But maybe that’s part of the fake Indian’s strategy, considering that her core constituencies — the pampered pukes at the Times and the Globe — have already told her to go take her act on the political Trail of Tears.

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