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Dear Dolans: Sell the Indians: Letter to the Editor

Since the Dolans have owned the Indians, all we have heard is crying wolf about money. Let’s not forget their statement that if you come we will increase our payroll. Dick Jacobs NEVER said this. During his years, the payroll in the 1990s was higher than the Dolans for 80 percent of the time they owned the team. Either pay up and go for the World Series title or sell the team. I am tired of the DOLANS and the shills who work for them. I am sure if any writer or broadcaster would call them out; they would be fired. All “Jacob’s” Field has become is a drunkfest in right-field, with music too loud and an average team at best. The purpose of any owner is to win a championship, but just to put a competitive team on the field. 1948. Ask Dan Gilbert to put a group together to the team and let the current people run it. We know he will try to win. Dolans, sell the Indians now!

Ron Shay,


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