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Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians up to their same old cheap tricks this offseason

The Voice of the Fan is here to call the Cleveland Indians for what’s really going on. Dumping salary to achieve the same result as last season.

How many of you fans remember the old Cleveland Indians who played in the almost empty, cavernous “mistake on the lake?”

That’s when you could go up to the ticket booth 5 minutes before game time and get field box seats two rows from the dugout.

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They had players like Charlie Spikes, Daddy “Stone Hands” Wagner, Chico Salmon, Vic Power, Johnny Temple, Woody Held, and my favorite “Hat Size” Hideman. He got the name because his batting average and hat size were the same 6 7/8.

The Tribe, thank goodness, isn’t quite going back to that but as of now they are getting close. Management can see what some sportswriters are seeing.

This team is going back on the cheap again and the proof is the trades they’ve made and others they tried to make.

In case you missed it, the Tribe swapped a minor league pitcher for Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki. Go ahead and deliver the Commissioners Trophy to the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.

The American League Central division is weak and all they are trying to do is win it and then, that’s it. It’s as far as they went last year and then hit the dumpster.

So why drop a ton of salary  and do it all over again? But what did they get in return under the so called guide of  “rebuilding?”

Did they get any top prospects?

They put a price on Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer and weren’t getting what they expected. So far there’s been no movement. A trade is looking less likely by the day.

Have they signed any free agents other than minor league contracts? Where is the power coming from in their present outfield?

More questions than answers! The farm system isn’t filled with those answers or we would have seen them last year!

Whats your opinion on what Antonetti and company are doing. Or what the Dolans are letting them do?

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Probably looking for that one right fielder with power to slip through the cracks and sign on the cheap?

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